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A few final important thoughts

The best time to capture those itty-bitty nose and toes is within 5-9 days after birth, [and definitely not after the two week mark.]  We want your baby scrunched in a ball of cuteness and to capture them before they begin to have craddle cap, flaky skin, and gurd that can often follow birth.  To ensure a personalized experience, I suggest to my clients to book their session at least 3 MONTHS before they are due.  I only allow a set number of newborn sessions a month. Unless you are having a scheduled  C-Section, your scheduled date is just approximate but it gives us something to work with.  It's important to keep me posted on your baby's arrival to lock in your official date.  


While I have several props, wraps, and headbands - please feel free to include any family heirlooms or keepsake items that are precious to your family.  Check with me first to see if I have what you are looking for, but you can always check out newborn vendors on Etsy for special accessories. 


Here are a few vendors I LOVE to use:






You are  allowing me to handle your precious cargo and I want you to know I take newborn safety very seriously. There are several newborn poses that may look like the baby is balancing or leaning without assistance.  This is  ALWAYS a photo composite where I have to edit out the parent's arm or object that is protecting them.  A baby is NEVER unattended.  I also carry full insurance as well for the safety of everyone. 


And Last.... this is YOUR photo session.  I will do everything I can to capture all the precious little moments of your family that will last a lifetime.   PLEASE share any of your questions, thoughts and concerns.  Your comfort is my priority and I have yet to come across a silly or stupid question so ASK away.   After your newborn has arrived I will send you a a questionnaire that will better help me prepare for your special day! 

Looking forward to meeting you and your new little joy!

Just B



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