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What to Expect



The #1 component for a successful newborn session is a  SLEEPY baby.   If there is anything to stress, it would be this.  PLEASE do not let your baby sleep 1-2 hours before the session.  I often hear from the parents that "Oh my baby can sleep the entire time even after feeding and sleeping" and because we are moving the baby around he/she is not in a DEEP sleep and tends to wake up.  I know its difficult but take this opportunity to play and bathe to keep them up. 

BABY MILK COMA  would be component #2.  It is very important to feed your baby 2-3 hours before your session and then plan on feeding him/her as soon as I arrive.  I purposely have 2.5-3.5 hour sessions to allow for any feeding, soothing, changing, and comforting.  We work around their schedules, not mine so please don't stress or worry.  It's part of the process to achieve the adorable newborn poses.


During the session, your baby will photograph best in his/her birthday suit along with selected wraps.  A NUDIE CUTIE is best to capture all their little wrinkles. Newborns don't really fill out clothing so please keep them in something easy to remove and keep diapers loose to avoid diaper lines on the skin.  PeePee, Poopies & Spit-Ups will make its way onto us and its just their way of letting us know that they love you, so please have a change of clothing near by and some extra wipes.  It's only for a few hours.


Last but not least, please bring the PACIFIER from the hospital (or something equivalent) to help soothe baby.  If your baby does not take the pacifier or you prefer not to, please be ready to stand by with a finger to help baby feel relaxed.

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