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What to Expect


As cute and adorable as your new little one is - it's not only about them!  It's so important to me to capture the new LOVE the parents have for their precious baby.  Capturing the first close and natural moments between parent and child is very rare and somthing truly special.  Before you know it they are running around and going to school - so not to worry I will be there documenting the entire session!


Because the main focus is FAMILY and nothing else - I suggest to keep outfits as simple as possible.  Solid colors- neutral.


MOMS:  Please Please don't worry about your post-baby body!!  The worry will show through and I want to capture YOU and your child- so try to be as relaxed as possible!  Rest assure I know the good angles to capture and I have photoshop available if you wish.  The key is to be natural.  Tank tops always look good.  Please also make sure to have a black tanktop or shirt for the backdrop photos so that the main focus will be your baby.          



DADS:  I find the best way to capture baby with their daddy is to have a shirt that is off.  This way it highlights the size of dads arm in comparison to your tiny baby which result in stunning photos.  If you don't feel comfortable without a shirt try to stick to something form fitting that coordinates with your family's attire.  Jeans work really well but please make sure they are comfortable and not too baggy.        



Please keep in mind your household will be kept warm so please don't have too many layers on.  The warmer the home, the happier (and sleepier) your little one will stay.     



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