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What to Expect


Now for the fun part - capturing ALL of your bundles of joy!  Setting out to capture the perfect image of all of your children together would be a dream come true!  Highlighting the new sibling relationship can be some of their most precious memories and yet some of the most challenging to capture.  While photographing multiple young children, please keep realistic expecations based on their ages - it's not always an easy task getting your two year old to hold up his/her younger sibling and smile.  We will definitely get some candid moments of your darlings. Here are a few tricks & tips to help you best prepare them for a successful session.


The Full Newborn sessions can last up to 3.5 hours, which is much too long for young ones to stay patient.  It's my practice to start with the family and sibling portion of the session to allow the big brothers and sisters to go off with a family member (Grandma or Grandpa for example) once they are done.  This will allow them to have some FUN time while we work closely for your individual newborn poses.


It is HIGHLY  recommeneded to refrain from giving big brothers and sisters any sugar before your session.  This includes juice and pancakes for breakfast.  Make sure they are well fed.  It is my experience, when the kids have a well balanced meal their energy levels won't crash and they are more cooporative. By all means small bribery for after they are done will be perfectly acceptable.  Just not before - that is a recipe for disaster. 


Last - keep their wardrobe simple.  Solids work best.   White, Tan, Dresses, Cargo's and Jeans.  You will want to stay away from any patterns.  SIMPLE really is best. 





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